Beyond sun and beach

We are now settled and Play Nerja experience is tasted in different way every day; not only we are captivated by its good weather and people’s mood, but also every walk, every tour make us want to know  more and more about that city that has charmed us. After being enjoyed of  Play Granada during years, where there is a mixed of cultures, spicy scents and old quarters like Albaicin or Sacromonte, we have broadened our tastes to fruity and exotic flavours mixed with the salty aroma of its coasts and the stunning views of Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs that make Nerja an unique and one in a lifetime place.

  But we go a little bit far away from the touristic beach and sunny myth today  to go deeper into the ancient Narixa so we can share our way of living Nerja through Play’s eyes and sensations.

  As the thrill-seeker I am, I’ve been carried on to know beyond Posidonia, sardines on the spit or the traditional stroll by The Blue Summer Park or The European Balcony. I find myself in a city that has a 10th century poem like its first proof; in it, it was said that Nerja was as important as Granada in making silks and they were dyed in the Chillar  river shore. It’s not difficult to imagine a sunset close to the shore, smelling the special scent of the fig tree that feeds the silk and follow the river course and the spring waters that irrigate its lands, it is impossible not to fall in love with Nerja.

  We know a different side of the city with every tour: segway connect us with trendiness and fun; walking tour to know about stories and legends and night adventure to go deeper its unknown cliffs.

  We keep going, taking pleasure and sharing our Play moments. / +34 663 811 514

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