Play Nerja is an alternative tourism agency, the best rated in Spain by tourists and travelers who want to live the city in a different, fun and unique way. The adventure began 10 years ago, offering to travelers the possibility of planning their visit around Nerja in a quick and, at the same time, deep way.

Travelling not only means expensive hotels and dirty hostels, but also exploring and having fun. To meet new people is basic for us. To get familiar with the city discovering its aromas, sounds, food, liquors and culture it is what really matters.

In these 10 years everything has been changing, someone tried to copy and imitate us, even saying that “they are us”.
But as normally happens in real life, only one is the original, that one who possesses the essence, the energy of new ideas and the strength to keep growing.

Play Nerja is what you are looking for, to visit the city with environmental compromise and with the support of the most important resource we have: you. / +34 663 811 514

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