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Why Nerja?

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Choosing Play Nerja as our next project has been an easier task, unlike many think. The adventure of bringing Play Granada to the top of the international tourism has cost 12 years and we knew that our next project had to be more exotic, invigorating and refreshing, if it fits. Away from becoming bewitched by macro tourist cities whose main attraction is a 5 stars hotel that offers you tours in segway, electric bikes or walking by prefabricated promenades, we opted for Nerja, the ancient Narixa, whose arabic origin means “spring water”. Although is not necessary to move to the muslim era to understand this beginning because a kayak or a paddle surf are enough to see its streams, spring waters and waterfalls so beautiful like  the known as “La Doncella”, located between Nerja and Maro coves.

But beyond the beaches like Burriana, El Carabeo, La Torrecilla o El Playazo, we have been captivated by Nerja because of its hodgepodge of cultures, traditions and tropical flavors such as mango or avocado.

Nerja city is a town located on a south east cliff systems that has “Cueva de Nerja “ and “El Balcón de Europa”  like a reference point. This one is called in that way due to King Alfonso XII visited the city in the XIX century to confirm the damages caused by an earthquake and, when he leant out to the balcony, he felt like if Europe would end in that place and he only would see Africa beyond.

If we saw  Nerja with hawk eyes, we would see the deep impact in the agricultural terraces caused by the human and its brick fever. In this respect, the choice of our office hasn’t been a coincidence; after months looking for a place which achieved our aesthetic requirements, inherited environment, quaint landscapes and the respect for the native crops, we finally choose a modest house built in the XVII century, close to El Salvador Church, located in number 2 of Iglesia street, the most ancient street in the city; being surrounded by tower, wall remains and brimful ditches.

Therefore, we have designed 4 significant routes in Play Nerja: the funny segway tour suitable for the whole family; the frenetic electric bike tour; the fascinating and cultural walking tour and, finally, our crown jewel, the adventure tour by cliffs and steeps, based on explorative hyperfiction.

In this way, we are in a new city, with a new project, a new Play adventure that make us feel and remember why We love non tourism tours.

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